Certified contractor

for HVAC systems





SMART Environmental is a TABB Certified contractor, offering services for testing, adjusting, and balancing of HVAC systems.

We specialize in air and water balancing, utilizing state of the art equipment and following SMACHNA standards. Air and water balancing is a crucial part of HVAC system installation and is required in order to ensure proper system installation, functioning, and efficiency.

Our services include, but are not limited to testing and balancing:

  • Packaged rooftop units (RTUs)
  • Air Handling Units (AHUs)
  • VAV systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Heating and Cooling hydronic systems
  • Boilers, chillers, etc.


SMART Environmental specializes in testing, adjusting, and balancing of HVAC systems.

HVAC forced air and hydronic systems are ranging in size and types and can vary from simple residential style furnace to large air handling units with multiple zones and VAV boxes, from simple hot water boiler to chillers and cooling towers. Regardless of the type and size, it is important to test, adjust, and balance the system after the installation. SMART Environmental invested in the state-of-the-art air balancing equipment including:

SMART Environmental engineers, supervisors, and technicians have decades of combined experience working in HVAC field, including designing, installation, and testing and balancing HVAC Systems.

Our personnel is highly qualified and is ready to take care of your testing, adjusting, and balancing needs.



Our engineers have multiple degrees in Engineering, including Master’s and are licensed by Wisconsin DSPS to perform Design of HVAC Systems (License #2353-7).

TABB Supervisor Certificate

We also hold TABB Supervisor Certification (TB1308386S) and TABB Technician Certification (BB1308386T) issued by International Certification Board.

TABB Technician Certificate


SMART Environmental

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